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Saturday, August 23, 2014

You Say Who You Are

What is the pressing word in your heart?

As you live each day, what spontaneously bubbles up, sort of on its own? What word or phrase just forms on your lips with minimal effort or intentionality?

  • do you say "thank you" as you live the different moments. Are your eyes focused on the gift?
  • are you a "Why?" person, tossing and turning life's questions about, constantly scrutinizing what takes place and demanding an explanation, be it from the Creator or your next door neighbor?
  • ":what about me?" some find themselves consumed with, greedy for more, envious of others, or maybe feeling on the short end of things, cheated and mistreated.
  • "o my!" some exclaim, overcome by the beauty of  the sky, a child's face, a delicate butterfly or the miracle of each breath.
  • "#!&$@% You!", perhaps, summarizes your thoughts and feelings, as others seem always to be at odds, out to ruin our day, in the way.
  • "I am sorry," riddled with grief for things done and left undone, too conscious of our own darkness and longing for absolution.
  • "I hunger/thirst/want" an endless desire unfulfilled, always looking for the next thing or person to consume to fill the aching hole.
  • "Jesus" or "God", perhaps as a prayer, perhaps as a curse, perhaps without reverence and void of content
My goodness, I find myself thinking of dozens such questions. And I think of the different types of characters who ask them, and I am aware that in different times and places all of us ask one or another. We are not singular homogenous creatures after all.

But perhaps in our prayer and quiet time we can consider which type of word springs forth spontaneously. What word we would want printed on "our personal" tee shirt to be read by anyone, known or unknown. What word would be chiseled on our tomb stone to be read one hundred years hence by wandering children, the last communication we make.

I was thinking about the words that I say, and I wonder if, when held accountable at the Judgement Day for each one spoken, I will wish I had worked harder to say better words...

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