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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kiling or Dying?

Friday 8/8 Today's Readings : Judges 9:1-16; 19-21. Acts 4:13-31. John 2:1-12

Gideon refused to be king, but one of his sons is named Abimelech (Abi= my father; melek=King) This son wants to be king and is declared king by his kin folk at Shechem. Of course, it meant slaying his 70 brothers, on one stone. Which raises the question: how ruthless have I been to achieve my goals? Who has been expendable as I seek my glory? Most of us do not murder, but as we ponder the chain between what we have and how we got it, how many have been lost to provide us with our wants and desires?

In a reversal of Judges, Acts provides a story about the many who killed the One (the True King). The Apostles do wonders in Jesus Name and the powers in Jerusalem cannot deny the miracle of healing so they want the apostles to not talk about Jesus. Persecution of Christians is a growing phenomena.We read horrible stories of Christians who flee their homelands, and often are martyred. What is it about Jesus name that would create such hatred? In part, Christians who persecuted and killed in His name are to blame. Yet other Christians brought mercy and healing, and certainly today that is the majority.

At the wedding, Mary says about Jesus: Do whatever He tells you. Sage advice. As you listen what is Jesus telling you? What other voices do you hear?
Pray for the abundant New Wine of the Kingdom. Pray for the peace of Jesus reign.

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