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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Driving Blind

So I am driving to work this morning and a truck is coming toward me from the opposite lane. As I look at the windshield I notice a large white square blocking the driver's face and suddenly I realize he is reading something. We passed each other without incident, but it struck me how often we are driving blind and by our own choice.

Yesterday there was an interview of a an apologist for the Palestinians. He said, "There have been thousands of rockets shot at Israel, but look how few have died. This is like a crowd of protestors throwing rocks and it has done about as much damage as rocks. The missiles are like throwing rocks."

Years ago working in a mental health program for troubled youth two of the boys were arguing. One of them picked up a baseball bat and started swinging it and I jumped in and disarmed him. When the rest of the group left for the activity the bat wielder remained back with me (I was the lead counselor).
"Why can't I go?" he angrily asked me.
"Because you were trying to hit him with a bat."
"But I didn't hit him, did I?" he responded
"That is because I grabbed you and took the bat away from you!"
"But I didn't hit him, did I?" he said again.

It is hard to bridge the gaps which separate us because we all have different things in front of our faces as we "drive" through life. Most of the time our blindness does not cause a wreck. We can escape unscathed by good luck.

For me one big question is "what am I blind to?"
What do I say that sounds as ridiculous to others as the words of others sound to me?
How have I been oblivious?

This is part of the reason why Jesus tells us not to judge others. It is why He tells us to love our enemies. It is why He calls us to humble service. We are blind.

Yet, on the other hand, we cannot simply stand by and let the blindness of others go unchecked. When someone is trying to blow up your homes and cities and kill you, it is not possible to ignore that. What would Jesus  do? Great question.Hopefully He will return soon to rule and we will all know.


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  1. >For me one big question is "what am I blind to?"

    LOL! In your case, poor fellow, the answer is quite simple:

    Just about everything.