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Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Resolution

As 2014 rolls into 2015, the question floating around is "what is your new year's resolution"? I think that I have basically had the same ones since I was 19. It is simply the case that the things most worthwhile are never ending so each year one must resolve to pursue the main thing.

How to grow into the person God created me to be?

I am a big fan of 'exercise' so physical, spiritual and mental exercise are high on the list of resolutions.

I need to improve my physical health, so obviously losing bad weight and increasing muscle is a big goal. So 10,000 steps/day for general health plus the thirty minutes of aerobics five times and weight lift three times a week. Research is clear about the value of walking and lifting weights, especially as we age. I do it now, and I need to do it more and better in 2015.

Spiritual exercise is a focus on thanks. I try to do 350+ a day, aiming for a minimum of 10,000 thanks and praise a month. A commitment to praying psalms daily and reading scripture daily seems a good foundation. Obviously, my job entails Sunday worship but that would certainly be something I recommend every week. I think I need to add a spiritual classic to my reading, so I will continue to read St. Benedict's Rule and the Philokalia. More of them in my head will definitely be a nice balance to much of what I see and hear.

Most of my time is spent in reading and preparation for homilies, Bible studies and Sunday school, but I do plan to take some time to read history again. The problem with only doing preparation is that you never get a chance to ponder. It is too functional. We all need time to savor and reflect on what we read.

Like I said, this is pretty basic; not a "revolution resolution." In real life, small, steady steps are probably best. Whatever your plans for 2015, I hope they include some exercises which benefit you greatly!

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