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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Hurts You

I get up early most days. Lot's to do.

I try to begin the day with some prayer, usually a variation of the prayer of St. Patrick and some repeated verses from the Psalms. It seems to be a good idea to actually look at God first. Fr. Knight told me when I was a young man that if we get up a bit earlier to pray then we can say that we get up for God. Made sense then and thirty years later it still makes sense.

I read a bit from John of the Cross (16th Century Spanish mystic and theologian). Today I read about the obstacles to growth in prayer. It was helpful to me. His insights are psychological, although the terminology he uses would be different from you and I. Then, as I made the kids' lunches, I watched the MLB Network. (I am sure John of the Cross never did that!) The panel was discussing the various injuries that some of the major stars were experiencing as Spring Training gets going.

Seems we all have things in common, even those who rank among the best in the world. Great athletes hang by a thread. One bad move and their career is done. Spiritual athletes have the same struggle. Our deepest spiritual desires can get translated into base sensuality in a second.

I see that in myself. I am sore from moving furniture this weekend. My temper got the best of me Sunday afternoon. I exercise but my body is still deteriorating. I do spiritual exercise but still fall prey to the same old sins. The frustrations and limitations are difficult to accept, but they have meaning. What does it mean to you, to be fragile and weak on so many different levels? One thing it means to me is I know I need a savior. I know I need help. I have learned, a dozen times a day, that I just am not able to do it alone. I need other people, folks who love me and are patient with me. Folks like my family and friends. Even more, I need a deeper help; Something or Some One who can address my core, my soul. I have hung my hope on Jesus. Some day all will be well.

Until then, this life is like Spring Training. We get ready and work hard. We experience wounds and brokeness. We try to get into shape (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). We learn to play together (relationally). We hope for the glory to come! Come Lord Jesus!

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