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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Season

We are now in the Twelve Days of Christmas. well, liturgically we are. Around Memphis Tennessee there are not alot of liturgical Christians. For non-believers and most believers Christmas ended the morning of December 25th. The twelve days leading up to Epiphany on January 6th are after Christmas.

Time is a funny thing. We moderns measure time in intricate ways. I watch baseball where thing are measured in parts of a second. In races, on land and in water, the stop watches measure to the hundredth or thousandeth of a second. Calendars, clocks, watches abound. Yet for all our ability to measure and micro-measure time we are less able to celebrate it.

Big events are a season in the church. There is Advent, four weeks of measured anticipation. Learning how to hope and wait and anticipate. There is Christmas, two weeks to celebrate the most important birth in history and the greatest mystery in history, the incarnation of Jesus. Soon it will be Lent, forty days of repentance and life change, followed by fifty days of celebrating the resurrection. The Event which changes how we see the world.

I wish I knew how to relax and enter into time. I wish the next two weeks I lived in a way which resonated with the liturgical calendar. I wish I was amazed and in awe of the incarnation in a way that brought wonder and joy to me and others. I wish I was not driven by "the next thing" and constant preparation for what is ahead....

Christmas last two weeks. Now that the buying and giving of gifts is done, it is a great idea to enter into the mystery!

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