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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adam and Eve

Do you ever wonder what these stories sounded like to people 3,000 years ago? Imagine their lives, so different from ours in many ways yet so similar. Think of the stories which their neighbors told, stories about warring gods and the debrise of those wars and the corpses of the fallen gods being the "the stuff" of human existence.

You and I, dealing with our own set of worries and concerns, hear the stories from our perspective. In the same way, the original story tellers and the original audience also did the same. Perspective means to see from a certain vantage point, to see in a particular way.

The Darwin debates in our own age have produced a particular interpretation of Adam and Eve. When I am asked, "Do you believe in evolution?" I answer, "It depends on what you mean by that."
I do not believe we are here by accident. I do believe there are biological processes through which God has guided our creation. To the Rationalist I am a dark age thinker because I believe God created us. To the Literalist I am a Modernist heretic who has denied the words of scripture. I guess as I thinker neither of them understands the word of God in this place, I can live with their conclusions.

We are here because God guided the process. Just as babies are created through biological processes and become human adults. It is not an accident. It has meaning. We have duties and responsibilities. At least that is how I read the beginning pages of Genesis.

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