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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reflecting on Vacation

Vacation week was fun. We Marxes spent every day together as a family. Our normal schedule is not like that. Connecting as a family was a blessing. After four days of theme parks we spent two days visiting my old frineds. This past weekend I reconnected with five friends, four of whom I spent some time with in seminary. As we sat around laughing and remembering our own children wandered into the room. Eventually, they began to request their favorite stories. Obviously all of us had told stories at home!

I reflected on a couple of things. One was the importance of connections. Many of us, especially men, do not have life long friends. We find ourselves connected to people who have known us for the last few years. My buddies in Florida have been close friends in regular contact for over thirty years. That is a wonderful blessing. I think part of our identity is tied up in relationships with shared memory. The Lord Jesus made a point of telling the apostles to remember Him (in the holy meal we celebrate each Sunday). To re-member is to bring parts back together again. I think this weekend some of my broken parts were re-attached. It was happy and sad to be with the guys and their wives. Happy because I love them. Sad because there is so little chance to be together. I think this weekend was a foretaste of the kingdom. People who love God and love one another. Eating, talking, listening, laughing. God is good!

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