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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disney, Universal and The Kingdom of God

More vacation thoughts!
We were at Universal Studios three days, followed by a one day park-hopper experience at Disney. The Disney day really impressed me. We stayed at the All-Star resort Friday night which is their low end hotel.  As we walked through the process of getting a room, riding transportation and wandering around the campus I was struck by how well Disney operates. Room keys are personalized souvenirs. Admission tickets are colorful keep-sakes. Extensive information is presented in a pleasant format. The TV has numerous stations dedicated to commercials about parks and activities to keep you interested. Every employee we encountered was hospitable, friendly and upbeat. I was impressed. Apparently so are the Europeans because we heard many languages and most of the English was with a British accent!

In Luke 16:8 Jesus concludes a parable about a crafty employee with these words: (NAB) "The owner gave his devious employee credit for being enterprising! Why? Because the worldly take more initiative than the other-worldly when it comes to dealing with their own kind." If Jesus went to Disney He would be able to point out many things for His people. I do not think most church members are commited to evangelize or serve the way Disney is committed to its mission. We are not as focused on the other person as we need to be. Many times the life of faith is portrayed as a downer and a negative. Eternal life is better than any roller coaster, so why are we not as excited about our relationship with our Heavenly Father as kids are about Mickey and Minnie?
 No one goes to Disney to give them money. We give them money because of what they do for us (and our kids!). Learn from that. Look around at the well run entities you encounter in your life. Give them credit for what they do well. Learn from them and put it to work in your own life. What is more important than knowing, loving and serving God? Do it with the same excellence as Disney does vacations!

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