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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Phone Numbers & Prayer

In my work it is common for people I do not know to call me with needs and requests. Churches are much maligned in many segments of society, but when people have needs we seem to be high on the list of "who you gonna call?" Many times non-church goers inform me that churches are supposed to help people.

What I find interesting is how often the person leaves a long, rambling message about all their problems and then concludes with a rapid fire recitation of their number. I have literally had to replay a message three or four times trying to decipher exactly what number to call. And that long rambling message becomes more and more a frustration as I have to hear it again and again, waiting for the seven digits which will allow me to make a connection.

Why do we do that? Why do we spend so much time and energy on the wrong things? If we want someone to call us, why not give the number clearly and slowly? Twice! The rest of the message is what you are going to talk about in person, but you aren't gong to talk if I can't figure out where to call you!

This is true in prayer as well. How often do we give long rambling messages to the Lord while making the actual connection with Him hard to accomplish? We give Him our list but hold back our soul (mind, heart, desire, will). We offer spirit and body but without handing opening the door to make access available. Sure, sometimes the Holy Three God makes things happen in our lives without our knowledge or consent. But that does not mean it is the ideal.

Asking "from" the Holy Three without offering one's self "to" the Holy Three is like leaving a phone message articulating every trouble and every need and then leaving an indecipherable call back number.

Be aware what you are trying to do, what is most important. Figure out "what is the point of this action?" When you want someone to call you make sure they know what your phone number is. When You want the Holy Three God to answer your prayers, make sure you open your life to Him so He can accomplish your salvation.

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