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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Genesis: New Beginning

During my hiatus I will be working on Genesis. It is my plan to post the materials here which will be used in Sunday School starting next Advent. This will no longer be a blog operating as it had at its inception.

For example, it is common to speak of "The" creation account, buy Genesis has two (possibly three if you include Noah). There are other places in the Jewish Bible that allude to creation and in the New Testament there are some Christian reinterpretations (centered on Jesus).

I want to see Genesis in light of the rest of the Jewish Bible, some other writings from the Ancient Near East (with which the Jews were in dialogue), the New Testament, and the reflections of Jewish and Christian scholars. The sabbatical period will be a time to write and edit the materials as a "book".

In addition class notes from my Thursday class, probably Exodus, will also be appearing. 

The comment section will be for questions and helpful feedback.

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