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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Read It

Preaching Easter is both a thrill and a challenge. It is, after all, the central proclamation of Christians, the thing that sets Jesus aside as unique (to the eye). The resurrection remains the Big Event with which even peripheral Christians are familiar.

That said, preaching on the readings can be little more than recounting the words and applying them to our lives. In order to enter the reality, one must do a work of reading. Reading and thinking. Reading and thinking some more. Reading and noticing what is being said. Reading John (which we will today) and reading Mark (which we did last night) and pondering the differences and the similarities.

Too often we skim. We do not take time to consider what it all means. What it means for the World, what it means for us. If this is true (I think it is) it will dramatically impact what we think and how we act. Or it should impact us. But for that to happen, we must read. And read again. And think and ponder.

I will share my reflections on Easter later today.

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