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Friday, February 6, 2015

All About Trust

Many in our time are asking "Does God exist?" It is a pressing question, but more pressing, especially for believers, is God's relationship to us. The 'general' message of the Bible is that God loves us and wants to provide what is best for us.This is spelled out in many places. It also says He is not pleased and regretted creating us. The Judgment of God is worrisome. In many places He sounds very hard to please and scarey. In many other places He sounds remarkably merciful and kind. The Bible is like the ocean, it is a unified whole but there are many 'currents' flowing through it. Some places are warm and pleasant others are chilly--which one is revelation; all of it

Like the theism choice, there is a choice involved in deciding what you think God has revealed about Himself. Some folks, based on Scripture, have a very narrow understanding of who God cares about and who is in His care. Others, based on different Scripture, believe a broader net is cast. Some emphasize the wrath and see a perfect God as helpless before human sin--He cannot not destroy it. Others think God knows we are just humans and is capable of dealing with our foibles. I have heard lots of brilliant folks argue different positions for four decades plus. I am not always sure what I believe to the smallest detail. However, I am coming to see that trusting God, believing that He really does desire good for me (rather than looking for an excuse to punish me) is the core truth of revelation. Facts are, He does not need an excuse, I have given Him every reason to condemn me: "guilty as charged, I throw myself on the mercy of the court."

There is a change in our behavior and mission when we think, at core, God really loves us and really wants the best for us. I will always struggle with doubt (nature and nurture shape us beyond our complete control), but I find a focus on the Good News is better. It is a premise of the healing ministry. If I am no longer thinking God wants us to suffer and I am believing He wants to heal/save me (us) it changes everything. Trusting such a God makes sense.

Trusting Him is connected to that process. So we need to fear less, trust more, worry less and trust more, and expect Him to do amazing things....

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