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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Saturday night was a powerful. A small group of us gathered with a young woman in need of prayer. The details are personal to her and her family but one of the things i learned was general and open to all.

I have shared before that I believe there is a spiritual dimension to life which interacts with and impacts the physical/material. This is why I think the "mind" is not the brain, but it works with, in and through the brain. It is why I believe the Holy Spirit can inspire and work with us even as no one can easily put a finger on exactly when and where and how.

One issue you prayed about Saturday was curses. The idea of curses as real things is probably considered silly and outdated by most folks. It smells like "magic" and is ruled out. In the Bible, curses are real, though not in the cinematic way of magic and super powers. Rather, they have their way of working by their mere existence. Influencing and corrupting are the work of the Evil One. Curses are on of the venues open to It for this foul work. 

What to do? Acknowledge the possibility of a curse. It may be as subtle as your mother's wish that "you have a kid just like you!" (full of problems) It may be even more sinister with actual demonic aspects and someone invoking the Black Arts against you. (Not so likely, but ...) Prayers to bind up Satan and to cover over curses is not a main focal point of prayer. Like I said, we do well to acknowledge that they exist and to dispose of them quickly in prayer.

The more important part of the prayer is invoking blessing. The promises of God are for our good. Take time to read and reflect on particular promises of God. Pray for an open heart to receive the fullness of the Promise (the Blessing). The twin components of declaration and thanking are vital in the blessing process. Look at how often blessing takes place in the Bible (from Jacob blessing his sons to Jesus blessing the children). Each time someone sneezes we bless them, we invoke God's power to save!

The experience on Saturday was powerful and life giving. There was a sense of God's nearness. There was joy in remembering He is a God of blessings. The thoughts of blessing stuck with me. And the book of blessings I read the next day included a reference to the reading I am preparing to preach next week, always an indication to me of God's blessing.

I do not know how the spiritual realm works, but I do know Jesus thought words had power. So be careful whom you curse and be attentive in prayer to freedom from curses; but most of all, be one who shares blessings!

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