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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Lenten Goal: Find Jesus

Today in my reflections on the Morning Prayer Gospel I prayed over the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus. I want to briefly hone in on what Jesus asked the Father to do: make them one.

Church unity is a big deal to me. I know it is not to many other people. Some folks see the divisions as a plus, "it gives lots of options for seekers." "Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same." "Variety is the spice of life." I am not wired that way. I like when we all pull together.

But I get why all are not one, and it has to do with asserting our individuality. We all have our own ideas about how things should be run. We all have our own ideas about what the Bible means, what true worship is and what the non-negotiables of faith really are.

Recently one of my parishioners applied for a job at another church. She is so lovely and her experience was, I think, not positive. The churchman who interviewed her gave her a rough go over, in part because he found out that she was an episopalian and that set his evangelical heart a burning. She deserved better than she got in the process and my inner daddy was sort of heated up, too. I wanted to go meet with him and do a little catholic apologetics and engage in some serious Bible study time. I wanted to let him know that the way he and his little sect sees things is directly related to some early church heretics. Yes sirree, I wanted to do everything which makes Jesus' prayer an impossible dream...

There is a reason why we are not all one. Me. I cause it by my arrogance, hardheadedness and lack of love. I cause it because I think Jesus needs me to make sure everyone is getting it right. And I cause it because I prefer people who agree with me.

But I am not the sole cause. So are you. and him. and her.

I am sorry for it, too. I picture Jesus praying for His followers and His hunger for our unity and sanctification. And I wonder what He feels looking at us today and the mess we made of it.

So in the search for Jesus,  keep looking for the Holy Man who prays that we will all be one. That would be Him, right there, the guy on the cross..... The one who is dying that we be united in love.

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