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Saturday, October 19, 2013

If God wants us to know Him?

If God wants us to know Him, why doesn't everyone know Him?

If God is revealing Himself in and through the world why is it so hard for so many folks to see and hear?


And the answer is, "why questions" are really not helpful when it comes to answering the deepest questions of life.

What we know is Genesis tells us that from the beginning God was sort of absent already. Adam and Eve were left on their own to do battle with nature (subdue) and protect (watch over/guard) the Garden. Apparently it is a necessary condition for us to grow and choose. The environment is conducive to His ends, even if we do not understand 'why'?

Fortunately, most of us have had plenty of experience dealing with people who did not understand "why" we were doing what we were doing. We understood and we know it made sense even if they didn't. Kids are especially adept at not understanding why. They are a good model for reminding us that we cannot understand the answer to our question, "why?" So we have to trust.

Ironically (and we experienced it tonight in our prayer group) God is around. He does manifest Himself: in prayer, in Scripture, in nature, in music, in events, in thoughts, in books--and in all those "coincidences" which decorate our lives. After hearing God speak among us we decided we do not always trust God enough or sit quietly enough.

God is there, maybe we need to trust and listen.
Another insight from St. Benedict confirmed in the lives of a small group of struggling Christians tonight....

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