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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Healing: How to 1

Yesterday was an overview of the general attitude and some of the activities which would occur in a local church which took healing seriously. What about within the parish? What about people who want to do this ministry when the congregation is not "on board"?

First of all, I think it is clear that some people are born with certain gifts. A healing touch or healing presence is such a gift. However, we can enhance and improve on whatever baseline we are born with. So, on an active level one can pray for the gift. Asking God to pour out His Life Breath (Holy Spirit) and to heal through us is the first step. Obviously, one must continue also to seek God's will and to listen!

A personal rule of life which includes regular prayer time, a moral lifestyle, reading Scripture, interaction with other Christians (public worship and membership), and reading credible books by those in the ministry is a foundation. Probably fasting is also recommended.

When possible, partnering with other like minded Christians is important. God likes teams. There are numerous advantges to working side by side, not the least of which is a restraint on our own ego!

If you do not have some sort of obvious charism (gift) then I would include as much normal conversation and listening as possible. Healing is for the whole person. The physical manifestation which leads people to ask for healing is often times connected to mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Remeber God does the healing. Our task to is help people be open to Him.

One big question: What does the woundedness symbolize to the person? Ovewhelming emotions can produce backaches and headaches. Relational issues can be seen in the body. Let the person talk. Bring the issues to the Lord. Ask Jesus to be there with them. Often times this is true of memories. Take time to listen to them relate the story. Then ask them to return to "the scene of the crime" but this time to be aware of the Lord's presence. Lead them in opening up to Jesus's love and power.

There is power in talking and there is healing in being with people who care. If you have a heart for others and an ear to listen, then you can make an impact that helps heal. If you invite God into this and pray then you are being obedient.

The goal of all this is to bring someone into deeper relationship with the Creator and Redeemer of the Universe. In the loving presence of God, mediated through the care and concern of human ministers, healing occurs at many levels.  So, if a congregation has 75% of its members actively doing this sort of thing, people will be healthier, holier and happier. Needy people (what Jesus calls "the least, last and lost") will be drawn into such churches. The church will look more like the Kingdom and will make an impact in the world. It begins with all of us doing what Jesus tells us to do. Healing is part of it. When the church does this it will be better.


  1. Jeff,
    Thanks for this series. I am loving it... learning a lot.

    Today, I am struck by your suggestion of "returning to the scene of the crime" but with an awareness of Jesus' presence. I am doing some 12 step work right now, specifically step 4. As I pray through my life story, I keep finding myself surprised by the "more" that is "revealed." But, I had not stopped to look for Jesus' presence in it all. Time to go back for a second, more prayerful look.


  2. Once again, you inspired a post. Thank you!