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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Co-creator 2

Yesterday I offered that we are in a world with rules. In general God operates within those rules. By His own free choice He has constrained Himself. His activities can be seen as interventions.
 So if a small child wanders into the street and a driver does not react in time because of the rules of physics and biology the small child may be killed. In terms of physics this is nothing spectacular. In terms of a parent it is a catastrophe. Human reactions indicate the there is something "wrong" with babies being killed like that. Our reactions (emotional and intellectual) do not make sense in a purely biological sense. If it is only about reproduction of our species then this is no tragedy. Our world population is growing steadily. So the spiritual component, the level of relational love and meaning come into play. This is, I think, one of the fingerprints of God. There is a deep longing in each of us for a world where physical laws are transcended. A world where no one will ever have to mourn the loss of a child. (and for that matter, a world where all children are loved and cared for).
At some level the world seems to be ruled by chaos. Jesus refers to that as "the Ruler of this world" and He is refering to satan. Our earth is not always a friendly place. Jesus did battle with this world.
My belief is that the world can be seen as chaotic and "lost". It is a chaos of our own choosing. We push God away (actively and passively) and the world is left to operate under its rules. Then human choices (we are co-creators) begin to impact the environment. Kings declare war and soldiers destroy and kill. Human remember harm done and seek vengeance. Life becomes a living hell where human compassion is crushed and smothered. In the midst of it we demand God to save us. We blame God. The same God whom we expelled with our desire to do it our way.

Yet in the midst of the chaos there is a number of joys in the occassional oasis: time in prayer, time with family or friends, time at a lake or the beach watching natural beauty. It stirs in us. The hunger and desire. "I want more of this" is a reminder that we are not creators on our own. We are not all there is to the mystery. There is something else (Some ONE else). Tomorrow I want to begin writng about reaching Him.

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